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Maplestory Warrior Guide – The 2nd Job Advancement

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By the time you reach amount 30 as a warrior in Maplestory, you’re ready to go on to your 2nd position progression. In order to get the 2nd position advancement, you will need to go a take a look at and then select a person of three careers.

Bear in mind Dances with Balrog? Go again to Perion and talk to him. Following doing so, head west until finally the audio variations (about two “screens”). Then go up for a while till you see somebody standing. Converse to this man and he’ll just take you to the screening location, exactly where you can be fighting Lupins and Fireplace Boars. These are a tiny various from the types you typically find, but they have fewer HP. In buy to often land a hit on them, you have to have 43 factors in precision. If you really don’t fulfill that, obtain some sniper potions and use them to strengthen your accuracy through the test. You really don’t have to have to fight each sorts of monsters, so it is advisable that you fight only the Fire Boars as the Lupins can be hard to destroy.

These monsters fall marbles, and you need to have 30 of them in get to demonstrate your value. Just after you’ve got gathered them all, chat to the person in the testing space and he’ll give you an product referred to as Evidence of Hero. Choose that item to Dances with Balrog and at very last, he’ll permit you pick out whether or not you want to be a Fighter, a Web page, or a Spearman.

Fighters and Internet pages are in essence the very same until finally you arrive at level 50, but Spearmen are noticeably worse for a while. For this reason, most persons opt for to be Fighters or Webpages at this position. From levels 50-70 Spearmen finally capture up, though, as it turns out, Webpages actually come to be the weakest in the end. Fighters develop into the strongest with a skill termed Rage.

Fighters can offer a big amount of damage with one particular strike, Spearmen can get rid of various enemies more quickly than the other two careers, and Web pages can use great elemental assaults. Decide on which just one fits you.

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