November 29, 2023

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Indian Content Writers Being Non-Native a Misconception

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Freelance sites like Upwork or Freelancer have perpetuated a preposterous perception that there are only some people in the globe to whom the English language is indigenous, even though to most other individuals, it is not.

Usually, the reference built is to people today from nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or South Africa (at ideal). Folks from nearly all other nations are dismissed as becoming “non-indigenous” to English.

As an Indian myself, I obtain this belief totally obnoxious.

I can’t enable but wonder how has this perception occur about?

Following all, off these freelance web-sites, these types of a falsified perception does not fairly exist. Then, why is it there on them?

Non-Whetting of Gurus on-board Freelance Web-sites

The solution, to quite an extent, lies in the reality that freelance web pages miss out whetting individuals who arrive on-board. For occasion, Indians or other South Asians readily indication up as “information creators”, even though they may well not have the abilities to provide as these specialists.

Now, these same folks, when employed by abroad purchasers, unsurprisingly tumble quick of expectations. Just about every such instance then goes on to perpetuate a perception that Indians or South Asians are incapable of writing coherently in the English language. Consequently, I truly imagine that it is freelance web pages who have stemmed the falsified notion of Indians in basic getting linguistically challenged in English.

Blinded by Nationality

Specifically troublesome is the way potential consumers on freelance internet sites are merely blinded by nationality. Essentially, if you will find a specialist geographically positioned in any of the nations around the world I stated in the starting, that specific is quickly presumed to be “indigenous”. This is correct even for Indian-People for occasion transform of location suddenly grants them English language proficiency that was lacking in their property state. These beliefs are simply just strange!

I, individually, know Us citizens and Britishers (amid other individuals from the nations I mentioned in the starting) whose English language expertise is almost non-existent.

I primarily want to emphasize on the truth that writing is a skill that is not sure or limited by nationality.

So, do not be blinded by nationality when thinking of choosing professionals for crafting English language content. Instead, glimpse at factors these kinds of as expertise and expertise.

Keep in mind that amid quite a few other expertise in the world, English language expertise is also not confined to unique countries or nationalities.


Stop presuming that Indian – as properly as other supposedly “non-indigenous” individuals cannot compose top quality written content in the English language, merely based on the place they arrive from.

As a substitute, evaluate primarily based on elements this sort of as prior encounter as nicely as expertise (which can very easily be identified).

Don’t be blinded by absurd prejudices and stereotypes just about every time you do so, you only perpetuate this sort of unwelcome human tendencies.

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